T-shirt design is like designing for a mobile billboard

T-shirt design goes back to 1989 for me. Six months in the art department of a t-shirt printer followed by 6 months in the screen-printing department printing the shirts gave me a solid taste of the t-shirt industry. It was during this one year that I realized t-shirts are mobile billboards for your creativity. So cool. Your artwork is literally dancing at music festivals, lounging at the pool, playing at the beach, working out at the gym, attending conferences, enjoying coffee with friends, rocking out on stage, making music videos, meeting new people, catching up with old friends, falling in love.

The story behind the designs

Mozart was my first t-shirt design. Because Mozart fucking rocks!

Category - Analog

Analog is my design tribute to all of my old-school headphone-wearing DJ friends spinning vinyl records on 2 turntables back in the day.

Analog also encompasses a broader music-centric lifestyle: Going to Tower Records in the early 1980s at the corner of Watt & El Camino in Sacramento, CA. Finding the 12″ vinyl record of Play at Your Own Risk by Planet Patrol. Heading to Broadway Academy of Performing Arts (when it was in Carmichael, CA). Putting the needle on the record and teaching a popping dance class to 30 students for an hour.